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Roof Coating for Arizona Roofs

What is Roof Coating?

Your roof is the sturdy protection that shelters you from the harsh elements.The everyday UV Rays from the Arizona sun alone will damage your roof over time.  

Roof destruction does not only take in the form of the forces of nature, but it can also be in the guise of man-made activities such as foot-traffic.   Damages on your roof systems can manifest from minor leaks to total disfigurement of the roof. 

If you are not entirely ready for totally changing your entire roof, there is a fast, more affordable way to find a remedy to your roof problems and that is a roof coating.

 Roof coatings are a great alternative to having a new roof installed. Getting your roof coating will not only protect it, but also extend your roof’s lifespan!

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The main purpose of roof coating is to prevent your roof’s material from deteriorating due to general wear and tear caused by exposure to nature’s elements.A suitable coating material should also be chosen to fit your roof’s composition and material.

Scottsdale Roofing Specialists gives the protection that any kind of roof style deserves. Our roof coatings are known to be extremely tough and elastomeric. 

Resembling rubber, the elastomeric characteristic of our coatings makes your roof bounce off harmful debris that may cause damage to it. 

The Benefits of Roof Coating

Taking care of your home’s roof is imperative. It really should be on top mind to assure your protection. Getting your roof coated also has its benefits and these are:

Prevents roof degradation

Roof coatings are essential in giving your roof the protection it needs in facing unpredictable weather conditions. The protection that these coatings give your roof makes it more resilient to nature’s different elements. This greatly minimizes the damage your roof may obtain. Not only does roof coatings make your roof protected, but it also can add life to it.  A fully coated roof will make it sturdy and vibrant at the same time. 

Improves energy efficiency

Experts have been mentioning the contribution of roof coatings to energy efficiency. Certain coating materials can reflect heat away from your roofs.  This means that bouncing off heat does not only prolong the life of your roof, it also aids in cooling it. Having a cooler roof reduces the heat inside a house or building. This greatly minimizes the energy that air conditioning units need in cooling your space which leads to lower electricity spend for you. 

Coatings are the keys to maintenance

Getting your roof coated can make you save a lot in repairs and replacements.  Its protective characteristic truly improves the life and performance of any roof style.
Scottsdale Roofing Specialists will give your roof a fresh new layer of coating every so often to make sure that it stays strong and resilient,  just like you. 

Different Coatings for various Roof Styles

The fit between the coating material and the composition of your roof style is vital. Let Scottsdale Roofing Specialists guide you in choosing the right protection for your roof. 

Spray Polyurethane (SPF) Roofing

SPF is a material that is sprayed across the roof for added protection. After spraying, it will then expand into a dense and strong material creating a solid layer across a roof. This type of roofing system can be used for any climate and, if properly maintained, will last for 50 years. 

Before applying the right coating,  our experts in Scottsdale Roofing Specialists will first prime the foam surface. This method will assure that the applied coating will be properly placed on the SPF roof. 

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One suitable roof coating for this type of roof is an all-weather elastomeric coating.  This type of protection will enable your roof to adjust to different weather conditions through expanding and contracting. 

With this kind of protection, maintenance of an SPF roof can be just done every 5 years and you will be guaranteed that your roof will be in shape for decades.  

Built-Up (BUR) and Modified Bitumen (MB) Roofings

The 2 categories of asphalt roofing styles are called Built-up Roofing (BUR) and Modified Bitumen Roofing (MB). These two asphaltic roofing products have often been used as a protective water-resistant material for different types of roofs.  

The BUR is commonly used in low-slope roofs. While the MB is designed for low-sloped or flat roofs.
Your number one enemy if you have this type of roofs are prolonged exposure to excessive heat. This can hasten the deterioration and aging of your BUR and MB roofings. 
Scottsdale Roofing Specialists’ solution to this is coating your roof with a silicone type roof protection.  This will prevent your roof from shrinking, cracking, loose flexibility, and split.  

Mineral Surface Rolled (MSR) Roofing

MSRs are mineral surfaced, fluid applied, fully strengthened membrane that is applied in a variety of roof designs.  This is a thick and highly weatherable roofing system. 

Scottsdale Roofing Specialists will take good care of coating your MSRs. We will make sure that we clean your roof, apply the necessary primer and sealers on seams and overlaps, and prime your rolled roof for the final coating. 

A double layer of acrylic-based coating will do the job in protecting your MSR roof. Coating with this kind of material will ensure your roof’s sustainability and strength for a long time.

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