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When is a Tile Roof the Right Choice?

If you are searching for a reasonable alternative material for your roof design, then tile roofing may just be your answer. Having renowned toughness, a wide range of style choices, and easy maintenance, tile roofing has steadily become a good option for roof care and design. 

Roof tiles are made to withstand extreme weather conditions thus making it ideal for the hot Arizona summer and mild winters. Because of its low maintenance requirement and ability to outlast other roofing materials, roof tiles are much preferred by many. 

A type of roofing tile is called Clay. Clay tiles are resistant and can withstand fire, wind, and hail. There is also a variant of clay tiles called sand-cast, it is made of sand and clay and can be quite distinctive due to its color variations. 

Another roofing tile type is called Concrete.  Made of cement, water, and sand, concrete tiles come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. This makes it ideal for any architectural make.

Both of these roof tiles are mineral-based and nontoxic.  It has also been proved by century-old buildings that tile roofing is a very cost-effective roofing choice. 

Scottsdale Tile Roofing

Advantages of Having Roof Tiles


Tile roofing is an extremely versatile option for your roofing material. Either you choose from Clay or Concrete, you will have a lot of options when it comes to colors, sizes, shapes, and styles.

It can provide your commercial or residential space a look that will stand out in any era.  Your structure’s design may be contemporary or of old, but your roof tiles can still fit into it seamlessly.

Versatility in roofing is key and roofers recommend roof tiles as one, if not the best,  roofing material there is. 


Roof tiles are the perfect roof material in achieving a decorative and esthetic appearance. Giving a certain old-world appearance, certain roof tiles invoke a historic vibe that invites guests, visitors, and clients to your house or establishment. 

Tile roofing has been considered an important part of an establishment’s overall look and design. Terracotta tiles are usually used as a roof tile material due to its decorative quality.  While concrete tiles are used for its proficient color retention abilities. 

Certainly, tile roofing can bring the aesthetics of your establishment into a whole new level.

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Thanks to their composition of raw materials such as stone, concrete, clay or ceramic, roof tiles tend to develop a touch make knack in holding up to the harshest weather condition there is. 

Being arguably better than almost any other tile roofing material in terms of durability, roof tiles are estimated to last for up to 50 years!


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Roof tiles are not only proven to be durable, but they also are resistant to the damages that can be caused by the different elements in the environment.  

The important factors of the roof tile’s high resistance level are its unique shape and natural overall composition. 

A roof tile shape enables it to effectively shed water away making it virtually waterproof. While the natural materials used in making it grants its fire-resistant identity. Tile roofing also can easily repel insects and is immune to decay and rot. 

Clay Tile Roof Pattern

Low Maintenance

Though roof tiles offer you an above-average rating for durability and resistance, it is still of utmost importance to take good care of it. 

This type of tile roofing just requires little maintenance now and then to extend its already impressive lifespan.  Our expert roofers will check your roof tiles for minor damage, if any, and often unnoticed debris build-up. 

Having a regular maintenance check even for your sturdy tile roofs can go a long way. Let our roofers catch potential problems early to avoid costly repairs in the future.

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Tile Roofing Repair

Nothing lasts forever.

Even your tough tile roof succumbs to age, given that it was not properly maintained in its early years.  

When this happens, we at  Scottsdale Roofing Specialists will be the one to repair your resilient tile roofing.  Our expert roofers are adept in plying and repairing intricate tile roofing systems. 

Damaged and/or broken roof tiles should be immediately replaced to avoid further damage to the underlying part of your roof. We will properly repair or replace your roof tile with care and precision. 

Tile roofing is not a do-it-yourself project and it must be installed by a professional. For expert tile roof installation, maintenance, and repair, you can call us at 480-613-3723. We would love to hear from you. 

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